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About Game

Have a fun and play new game called "Tondova hra". Control the ball by arrows on keyboard or touch your screen and avoid stones and collect coins for which you can buy extra balls (lives) before each game.

This page a coursework of the module CSD2550 – Web Applications and Databases, second year Computer Science in Middlesex University in London.

Best players

1Standa20638 m
2T. A. Edison8746 m
3Johny6006 m
4David Gloom4596 m
5TONDA3676 m
6Moje jméno306 m
7Tonda226 m
8Marc166 m
9Iheb Jendoubi143 m
10Rawéd124 m
11Jacob122 m
12rawad116 m
13iheb76 m

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100 $
You have:
10 coins
2 balls
Coins: +254 (total: 500)
Meters: 55 (best: 600)
Level: 2 (previous best: 2)
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